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Connectivity is the foundation of communication...

B Comm was organized under the laws of Texas in 2013, with the intent of becoming a premier provider of telecommunication construction and enhancement services throughout the state of Texas. We specialize in installation of fiber coaxial copper and cable. Allow us to serve as your one-stop, turn-key provider in communication. Our current service areas consist of aerial, underground, and commercial construction. Additionally, we are able to offer complete fiber design and competent testing of communication networks. We feel exceptional service starts with the creation of a trusting relationship and is carried beyond the finish line by dedication to quality and guaranteeing a final product. B Comm serves San Antonio and surrounding markets, as well as Dallas/Fort Worth, Austin, and Corpus Christi, Texas.


B Comm Constructors LLC is dedicated to providing quality telecommunication solutions from the design phase to completion and beyond. Our focus is to surpass customers' expectations by making vivid and complex visions realizations.


We value customer satisfaction to such an extent that our primary strategy is open and continued communication. We want to make you happy, and we will be the first to know if we have.

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