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Initial Line Construction

Serviceability & G.I.S.


B Comm Constructors is a fully capable provider of outside plant initial telecommunication line construction, as well as upgrades and repairs to existing cable structures and systems. We have worked in a variety of capacities, including commercial, residential, long-haul, civic, and cell tower projects. We are proud to maintain a fully functional fleet of vehicles and equipment that make it possible for us to provide excellent service safely and efficiently. Our fleet includes medium duty bucket trucks for confined easement access, super duty DOT-regulated bucket trucks, fully equipped underground and excavation trucks, a range of excavators varying by size and capacity, soft dig vac units, and directional drilling rigs. Furthermore, we are partnered with a number of sunctonractors throughout the state of Texas, enabling our company to undertake large projects for providers. Safety always comes first - B Comm has a stringent safety policy in place and is committed to exercising competence and caution in all that we do in order to ensure the safety of our employees, our customers' property, and the general public.

Comm/MDU Installations

In addition to initial line construction, B Comm has a fully trained and capable department of commercial and mult-dwelling unit (MDU) installation crew members. We have performed a substantial volume of work for both new and existing businesses, data centers, disaster recovery and co-locations, and apartment/condominium/townhome complexes. All jobs vary in scope, but the end goal is always the same - connectivity. We are able to achieve this goal and guarantee our services by rigourously testing and certifying all lines. B Comm offers services in the arena of complete pre-wire, trim-out and installation, set up of central comm. rooms, and more. Our competent foreman and installers are capable of following plant designs, ensuring quality installation and full system functionality.

At B Comm Constructors LLC our Geographic Information System (GIS) services include spatial and geographic data analysis, geocoding, and data collection, for the purpose of managing and mapping telecommunication network and infrastructure facilities.  We also have the ability to overlay coax and fiber optic drawings onto satellite imagery.  Through the use of a variety of software applications, we can create visual representations of your data that will help increase efficiency and facilitate workflow.  In addition, we will integrate land base files that show addresses, parcels, streets, easements, and right-of-ways that can be useful in planning and decision making.  All of this gives B Comm the ability to manage and maintain design files and enables us to provide the precision and accuracy expected in the design, drafting, and production of telecommunication system maps.

We are available for On-Call service repairs 24/7 all year!

Splicing & Activation

B Comm is one of the leaders in fiber optic installation and repair. Our company has quickly excelled as a provider of indoor operations, including installation of wall mounts and rack mounts, and pulling cable through buildings, for both commercial and residential properties. We understand that your data connectivity is valuable, so our team of splicers and techs are able to work through the night hours to avoid service disruptions.  We also work on main lines, including overhead and underground installation of fiber optic cable. Additionally, we are able to perform mid-sheath entries, case upgrades, and audits on both active and inactive systems. Our fiber splicers and techs are certified and equipped with cutting edge technology.

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